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Golf clubs 

The different types of golf clubs:

For the sake of comfort, every golfer wants to find the golf club that could play all of the golf shots. But to perform various types of trajectories and distances, it is however necessary to have a larger palette. Indeed, the basis of a golf bag is the golf club series, or more simply called a series of irons. Thus, we can add one or more woods, the best known model of which is the Golf Driver. But also hybrid clubs, wedges and the putter, essential for playing on the greens.

So there is different golf clubs. Each of them is intended for a particular situation. So the right question to ask yourself is " which golf club for which golf stroke? ". In the same way, one composes his golf bag according to his playing handicap and his experience on a golf course.

Which golf club to choose for a player who is just starting to play golf?

A beginner player does not yet have a sufficiently regular swing to be able to accurately calibrate the distances of his clubs. Often a 4 iron does the same distances as a 6 iron for example. So to begin with, a half series may be the best choice. A complete kit with wood, irons, wedge, putter and bag, ready to use, and with technical characteristics designed to facilitate handling. Some semi-series can also be completed with single clubs. For players who want to already have a complete kit, there are clubs with larger and better balanced heads to facilitate play and lift balls more easily.

What golf equipment to choose for the average golfer and intermediate level player?

More than the term intermediate player, we will rather choose the term of progressive player, or then in phase of progression. The swing is often more assertive, and therefore a more technically advanced golf club can help the player in his progress. It is also the time of first driver, a golf club that we love and can potentially master better. Since distance calibration is also more precise, the average player may benefit from having a complete set of irons. However, to maintain a certain playing comfort, the long irons will often be forgotten in order to favor a hybrid club, easier to play in bad days. It is also the moment to reflect on the nature of the handle. Indeed, Graphite and steel are equally well suited to each other, but the steel handle will sometimes bring more sensations.

Which golf clubs to choose for an expert golfer with a low index?

With a growing level of play and experience, the expert player with a low index will be willing to bring a maximum of technicality to his range of golf clubs. Now is the time to consider clubs with forged heads . More subtle technically, and which provide a real plus in terms of touchdown. To really enjoy this touch, a half-blade head, or blade will certainly be less tolerant, but definitely more efficient. Also, the steel handle seems more suitable for enjoying the sensations offered by finer clubs. At this level of play, it is essential to perfectly calibrate your distances. Each golf club has its distance and trajectory (Fade and Draw). The balance of the bag is then taken into account, and the player must find the ideal compromise according to its characteristics. One or more fairway woods? Long irons or rather hybrids? One or more wedges? Each golf player is unique and will have to define his own strategy.