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Add or consult the advertisements of seasonal rentals of houses and apartments close to a golf course. For successful golfing holidays. Lecoingolf lists all the advertisements for holiday rentals on or near a golf course . Holiday rentals on golf courses . 

Vacation Rentals: House, Villa, Apartment, Farm, Cottage, Gîte ... Golf Holidays, Golfing Stays

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How to rent your holiday home on Lecoingolf?

Add your ad in the category " Real estate golf " and select your type of action : Sale or Seasonal rental.

This category is to be used to sell or rent your house, villa or apartment located on or near a golf course.
The deposit of advertisement is free for the private individuals and your holiday rental on a golf course will be listed by default one year on the site. You can of course edit, modify, delete or promote your rental ad at any time.

You must first register on lecoingolf to access the ad submission form.p

To register:

you have to create an account with your email address and a password of your choice or register directly with "facebook connect" or "google connect".

Then click on the Add your Listing then select the category " Golf real estate " 

This category is to be used for renting your holiday home located near a golf course.

 The title of your ad:

It is important to use precise keywords for the tagline and description of your ad to be indexed correctly by search engines. Specify in the details of your ad the dates of availability for your holiday rental.

Pictures of your ad:

Enhance your home with quality photos Add a minimum of three photos to the image gallery.

The details of your ad:

To rent your accommodation more easily fill in all the fields of the form.

Promote your ad:

You wish to rent your property quickly? Use the possibility to boost your ad on lecoingolf to benefit from a sharing promoted on social networks and a place of choice on our site.

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Holiday rentals close to a golf course 

France built the first golf course in Europe. This one is located in the southwest of France near Pau : Pau Golf Club 1856. And today, of the 100 best golf courses in Europe, more than 25 are in France. So, if you feel like renting for holidays and you like golf, consult the ads on the site . There are some superb properties currently on the market that are next to or near a golf course.

The best place to play golf could be France.

With its temperate climate and its different regions, France is a dream destination for golf ( All golf courses in France ) . Indeed with its varied courses going from Links of Brittany in the heat of the Provence, France makes the happiness of all golfers. Add to that its gastronomy and its wines and you get a dream destination for golfers from all over the world.

Rent your accommodation on Lecoingolf - Your ad translated

Most regions in France are easily accessible from the UK, by plane, by ferry, by train and car. Lecoingolf translates your holiday rental advertisement into English So if you have a property close to a golf course for rent, you will be able to consider the UK market thanks to our site. 

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