Golf courses in Pays de la Loire

Discover the detailed guide of all the golf courses located in the Pays de la Loire region. You can leave a comment, a vote or an anecdote on all the golf courses present in the golf directory.

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Where to play golf in Pays de la Loire ? The detailed guide of all the golf courses in the region.

Golf courses & hotels By department in Pays de la Loire

From one renaissance to the next, playing golf on the banks of the Loire.

From Sologne to Touraine, the banks of the Loire are a veritable open-air museum of the Renaissance. The castles and golf courses that follow one another compete in beauty and architectural audacity. And in the heart of its forests, where game abounds, nestles the Bordes course, one of the most beautiful golf courses in France. A work of art comparable to Chambord, the hunting lodge of François 1er.

D'Orléans in SaumurThe valley formed by the Loire is called the Valley of the Kings. From the Capetian dynasty to Francis I, the Kings of France chose it as their home. In this region of forests and ponds where game abounds, Italian architects competed in creativity to build castles and hunting lodges. Even when the King and the court chose Paris as their capital, the construction of these princely residences overlooking the Loire never stopped. In the 19th century, it was the turn of the bourgeoisie to compete with neo-gothic and neo-classic architecture for their homes nestled in the heart of the Sologne.

This Valley of the Kings, cradle of the Renaissance, which attracted the greatest foreign artists of the 15th and 18th centuries, was able to attract the great names of English and American golfing architecture in the 20th century. Like Cabell Robinson in Orléans-LimèreMichael Fenn at Touraine golf course and the master Robert Van Hagge at Les Bordes.

Golf des Bordes : The flagship golf course of the Loire Valley.

The Lecoingolf Golf Guide talks about the Bordes golf course and ranks it among the most beautiful courses in Europe. This exceptional course in the heart of the Sologne region shares points with sixteen other long-established masterpieces such as Valderrama in Spain, Royal County Down and Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, Muirfield and Carnoustie in Scotland, Royal Birkdale and Royal Lytham St Annes in England

Sixteen clubs that have all received prestigious tournaments: British Open, Ryder Cup, Walker Cup … Golf des Bordes In accordance with the wishes of Baron Marcel Bich, a man who built his fortune on the invention of the ballpoint pen that he would market under his name, and his associate, the Japanese Mr Sakuraï, this championship course with its terrible reputation, however, only welcomes "Sunday" players who have come to confront the monster. A pity, because with its 6412 metres of backstops, it would be a formidable test for the great professional players.

Since its inauguration in 1987, Les Bordes has inspired respect. Those who have walked its fairways admire it, those who dream of taking up the challenge fear it. However, the hardness of the course is now softened thanks to a cleaning of the undergrowth and a modulation of the tee-offs which makes it more affordable. Aux BordesSo what about the birdie! Golfers who make it their second home explain that the wisdom is to bogey every hole. A defensive strategy that prohibits trying to hit the regulation greens every time, looking for an impossible feat.

Bird Hunting at Golf International les Bordes

Because in this hunting region, the birdie or the eagle flee at the first drive, just like the deer stalked by the hounds. In the evening, golfers usually come home empty-handed, the game empty of triumphant scores, the swing destroyed and the heart heavy. Au international golf Les Bordesone loses one's vanity in water obstacles and learns humility.

When the Bordes golf course When it opened its doors, golfers discovered the work of an architect unknown in France, Robert Van Hagge. Since then, he has spread his creations throughout France: Seignosse, Kempferhof, Courson Monteloup, Golf National... All of them are unanimously recognized as great courses, even if critics reproach them for their rather complicated designs and the high cost of maintaining their sometimes tortuous fairways.

Golf for all

Lucid about the golfing quality of French players, Baron Marcel Bich decided, a few years later, to build another course next to Les Bordes. A golf course easy to play and affordable to all. Six years after its opening, the Priory Golf Course de Ganay still holds his bet. Annual fees and inexpensive weekday and weekend green fees have attracted golfers from Loir-et-Cher and the Parisians who came to settle their swing at Ganay before tackling the neighbouring monster. To build this 27-hole course, which was extended to 36 in 2000, Baron Bich found his man, Jim Shirley, Robert Van Hagge's assistant.

The philosophy of this American pro, who has been living in France for fourteen years, seduced the Baron: "Golf must be fun, fast and easy to play". The antithesis of Van Hagge. The mission Baron Bich entrusted him with at the time seemed insurmountable: a course playable by all, without excessive ball loss, and whose construction and maintenance costs are reduced to its simplest expression. Jim Shirley has a budget of three million francs for each 9-hole course. It's not much, but it's enough for the Texan. With all the wisdom of a man in his sixties, he made the first section, the red one, which looks like links, then the blue one, a 9-hole course designed in birch and yellow, a compromise of the first two courses. 

The last one, which opened in autumn 2000, winds through a forest of oaks. At the Prieuré de Ganay, you can leave the sandwedge in the boot of your car, as the twenty-seven holes have only sixteen bunkers! A record. On the red course, you have to wait until the fifth hole to find a trace of sand. "The edges of the green are treated as a slight grassy depression which could, in time, receive sand", explains its creator. To compensate for this absence of obstacles, the greens are small, tortured and raised ("the best in the region", insist the regulars). Thus, the Priory of Ganay can bravely defend his par 36 on every 9 holes.

Castle life for golfers

Going down the Loire from Chambord to ToursThe Renaissance castles erect their turrets at the bend of the longest river in France. Amboise, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau ... Rare are these Italian-inspired buildings that are still inhabited by private individuals, as the maintenance costs are nowadays so high. Therefore, the families who have insisted on preserving their family heritage open their doors a few hours a day to visitors. At Cheverny castleThe Marquis Charles-Antoine de Sigalas Hurault de Vibray, Marquis Charles-Antoine de Sigalas Hurault de Vibray, has been working to keep this estate, which the family has owned for five centuries, alive. Sound and light, houndshooting, opening to the public (Cheverny was the first private château visited in 1922) allow the Marquis to maintain the estate. 

The numerous tintinophiles also made the pilgrimage to Cheverny, the draughtsman Hergé having used as a model this vast residence completed in 1634 to sketch Moulinsart, Captain Haddock's castle. The renting of the land opposite the castle where today the Cheverny golf course is an additional source of income for the Marquis. This 18-hole course, which revolves around la RousselièreAware of the advantage that fairways leading up to this "princely residence" could be an asset, the owners are considering an extension of the golf course. A project that should inspire Tintin's fans dressed in golfing pants, like their hero. And what's more, all kinds of Snowy's are allowed on the course, which is a delight for these bedfellows.

On the other hand, the golf courses of Tours have integrated the castles into their site. Pretty uninhabited manor house on the Golf de l'Ardréeone of the jewels of the Blue Green chainThe hotel-castle with seven neo-gothic style towers on the golf course of the same name, around which extends a very flat course of questionable golfing interest and a beautiful 19th century bourgeois residence, or Touraine golf course dominating a splendid course magnificently planted with trees.

The Touraine golf course a paradise for golfers

In 1973, the golfers from Tours who had been driven out by the construction of the motorway emigrated to Ballon-Miré, on the key area and create the Touraine golf courseThe English architect Michael Fenn has built an eighteen-hole snail-shaped hole on a small surface area, respecting the magnificent trees of the property: pedunculate oaks, white poplars, sequoias, judea trees, junipers, Algerian firs … A true paradise for budding botanists who do not fail to admire before driving the par 3 of the 16, the majestic five hundred spring oak which extends its imposing bronchial tubes to the left of the tee. In this hole, the driver is able to see a large number of trees, such as the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree, the oak tree.n a private golf course with a warm welcome, children are kings. On Sundays, they flock to the 800 m2 putting-green sown on an old vegetable garden for approach and putting competitions. These playful training sessions bear fruit, the Touraine golf course won the French Club Championship, dethroning the Racing Club de France and its team of stars. Far from the spirit of Parisian clubs, the Juniors du Golf de Touraine represent the future of French golf, if not its rebirth.

Some anecdotes information and quotes from golf courses in the region Pays de la Loire and Centre Loire Valley … Did you know ? 

  • In Orléans-Limère, the reception is nestled in a glass tower.
  • From the first hole of the Golf des Bordes, the scenery is set. The greens are targets and the bunkers are real beaches.
  • Inspired by Robert Trent Jones, whose assistant he was, Cabell Robinson laid out his jagged greens on the fairways of Orléans Limère.
  • Catherine de Médicis, Diane de Poitiers and Madame de Staël resided at the Chaumont-sur-Loire castle.
  • Creation of Cabell Robinson, Orléans-Limère is the gateway to the golf courses of the Loire Valley castles.
  • Near Les Bordes, Jim Shirley has built an economical golf course at Ganay Priory where bunkers of greens are replaced by grassy depressions.
  • Les Bordes: Baron Bich wanted a world-class golf course. Rober Van Hagge fulfilled his wishes. On this diabolical course in the Loir-et-Cher, the bunkers are as wide as the fairways, the greens are on an island and the clubhouse is very comfortable despite its apparent simplicity.
  • In the shade of the crenellated towers of the Château des Sept Tours, Michael Fenn's wide driveway allows you to use the drive in complete safety. At the château, the table for dinner is in grand style, French bourgeois chic. The Château des Sept Tours is now a golf hotel. And the chapel was turned into a clubhouse
  • The golf course of Ardrée Towers is one of the two golf courses in the Centre region of the Blue Green.
  • The Touraine golf course took root in 1973 on the Domaine de la Touche. Botanists love this course which has preserved its hundred-year-old trees.
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