Playing golf in St Andrews, Scotland

golf de St Andrews - The Old Course Club-House green of the 18

Le Berceau Du Golf - The Home Of Golf

St Andrews is the home of golf. It is the only place in the world where you can feel the spirit of golf in all its splendour and authenticity. The town is stunningly beautiful, especially around the castle and cathedral ruins which are perched above the bay. Add to this countless pubs to relax in after your round of golf. The St Andrews area is a must for all golf lovers.

A pilgrimage to the "Home of golf" is an essential step in the life of all passionate golfers. A golfing holiday in St Andrews will offer the golfer relaxation, sport and nature in a setting steeped in golfing history and tradition. 

Far from American-style target golf, playing golf in Scotland allows golfers to reconnect with the essence of the game of golf.

  • Rolling the ball, sometimes with putts of more than 30 meters.
  • Facing the dreaded "Bunker Trap" or simply getting the ball out is a feat
  • Choosing the right club and adapting its trajectories according to the sometimes violent winds. 
  • Humbly refocusing when your ball is swallowed up by wild roughs.

All these aspects allow golfers to reconnect with the tradition of the sport.

Golf courses in St Andrews

The Old Course St Andrews

The golf courses in St Andrews offer an unforgettable experience. The world famous Old Course is of course at the head of this golfers paradise. No one knows exactly how long golf has been played on this hallowed course, but what is certain is that the St Andrews Old Course is one of the oldest on the planet and arguably the most famous course in the world.

The course itself is sure to surprise you if you've ever watched The Open . The TV broadcast seems to flatten the course but once you're on it, the dunes, roughs, slopes and elevations are much more pronounced and striking than you might think. The course's landmarks and features such as the Swilcan Burn, Swilcan Bridge and Valley of Sin will no doubt be familiar to you, evoking memories of the great champions who have won here over the years.

Former champions of the St Andrews Open include Bobby Jones, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods. It is also where in 2005, the legendary Jack Nicklaus made an emotional farewell from the Swilcan Bridge.

Golf courses and hotels in St Andrews

Discover the golf courses and a selection of the most beautiful hotels in Saint Andrews on the Lecoingolf golf map.

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